Wild Wednesday

Oregon Wild Tuesday (Eugene): A Field Guide to Oregon's Rivers

Join Oregon Wild for a special Oregon Wild TUESDAY with a focus on Oregon’s iconic wild rivers. Award winning author and photographer Tim Palmer will present a stunning slide show based on his acclaimed new book, Field Guide to Oregon Rivers, published by Oregon State University Press. (Check out a short promo video here!)

Oregon Wild Wednesday (Eugene): Oregon's Top 10 Snow Adventures with William Sullivan

Just in time for some winter fun...

Winter has shown its cold, rainy face in the Willamette Valley, but up in the mountains, that means SNOW! Whether you’re up for a serious adventure or still just thinking about strapping on snowshoes for the first time, this presentation by author William Sullivan is sure to inspire you. Join Oregon Wild at Claim 52’s cozy warehouse space for a pint and tacos from Sporks a la Cart for a mid-winter’s eve Wild Wednesday. 

Oregon Wild Wednesday (Portland): The Adventures of the OR-7 Expedition

Following in the tracks of Oregon’s most famous wolf...

Join Oregon Wild - working at the forefront of wolf conservation in Oregon - for a tasty beer with our friends at Base Camp Brewing in Portland and a presentation from Wolf OR-7 Expedition member Rachael Pecore-Valdez.


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