Crater Lake (photo by Justin Bailie)

Crater Lake Hike Bonanza - Hiking the National Park and beyond (FULL)

Oregon Wild and Umpqua Watersheds for a week of hikes and camp outs in and around the Crater Lake Wilderness proposal.

Have you ever wanted to visit Crater Lake but didn't know where to start? Perhaps you've been to the Park before but wanted to see some more amazing sights in the area. Well we are hosting a series of day-led hikes with Oregon Wild and Umpqua Watersheds just for you.

Join Crater Lake Wilderness Coordinator, Tara Brown and local experts at Umpqua Watersheds to learn more about this unprotected gem. Meander through old growth forests, scenic vistas, wildflower meadows, and breathtaking waterfalls while learning about the threats and efforts to protect Crater Lake, both on and off the beaten track.

You will need to register for each hike you would like to join, as well as indicate which nights you plan on joining us for camping! These day-led hikes include the option of camping before as well as after each hike. You are free to sign up for just one or many hikes. While the hikes are free and open to the public, we ask that you consider making a donation to make ensure that these hiking series can continue in future years.

For more information or to register for a hike simply click either of the hike names below or register here. Before you register, please be sure to read all of the information below.

Crater Lake Hike Bonanza Itinerary

Aug 23rd - Oregon Wild staff arrive at camp
All are welcome to camp with us in preparation for the first hike!

Aug 24th - Hike 1 - Natural Bridge and Rogue River (FULL)
This adventure includes stunning scenery and amazing views of the gushing Rogue River, lava tubes, a Natural Bridge, and ancient old-growth forests.

Aug 25rd - Hike 2 - Crater Lake National Park Tour (FULL)
 This tour includes Castle Crest Wildflower Trail, Sun Notch, the Pinnacles and Watchman Peak.

Aug 26th - Hike 3 - Upper Rogue River Trail (FULL)
Explore the upper reaches of the famous Rogue River, stopping at spectacular waterfalls for lunch.

Aug 27th - Hike 4 - Boundary Springs (FULL)
Enjoy the phenomenal headwaters of the Rogue River, Boundary Spring, and see stunning wildflowers and open woods.

Aug 28th - Hike 5 - Crater Lake National Park, Mount Scott (FULL)
A quick but steep climb to the highest peak in the park. Followed by a lovely drive around the caldera.

Aug 29th - Hike 6 - Crater Lake National Park, Union Peak
A difficult, breath-taking hike to the summit of the oldest mountain in Crater Lake National Park with pumice plains, wild blue lupine, mountain hemlocks, and panoramic views.  


Similar to other Oregon Wild hikes, we ask that you register for the hike(s) you wish to join. This helps us ensure we leave no one behind and keep to our maximum participants allowed. This is a popular hiking series, and we anticipate hikes will fill up fast! Please indicate which nights you will be joining us at the camp sites as we have limited space.


If you'd like to stay the night before or after your hike, please join us! We have reserved camping sites at Farewell Bend Campground just west of the park. Farewell Bend Campground is a beautiful and picturesque campground in the midst of old growth forest and adjacent to the Rogue River and Crater Lake National Park, and will be our central campsite for the whole Hike Bonanza. 

We already reserved three campsites at the Farewell Bend campground, so this will be our central campground. Please, plan on sharing campsites, and they are spacious enough to accommodate 4 to 5 tents each. If people would like their own site or plan to bring an RV, they will have to reserve their own. You can find more info about the campground here and there are still spots available. 

If camping is not for you, Union Creek Resort offers a variety of accommodations from cabins to rooms in their lodge with all the amenities you'd expect, including a hot shower! This is within one mile of Farewell Bend but outside of the campground.


You are responsible for transportation to Farewell Bend Campground, and we highly recommend carpooling with others coming from your area as we will be very limited in parking space we can provide. There is room to accommodate only five other cars total at the three campsites we’ve reserved. If you would like to bring a trailer or RV we ask that you reserve your own campsite at Farewell Bend. There are still plenty available!


We will help facilitate car pools from hometowns to Farewell Bend Campground. We will also organize carpools as needed from the campground to our hiking destinations in the morning. We will cover the cost of park entrance given we meet at the campground. Like other Oregon Wild hikes, if you wish to travel on your own, we ask everyone meet at the campground and depart from there together. There is limited cell service in this area, so arranging different meeting locations at different times will be challenging.

Hike Difficulty

Many of the hikes we will be doing are rated moderate to difficult. If you are at all unsure about your ability to safely navigate the hike(s) you signed up for, please consider as a courtesy to the whole group your physical limitations. We will be at a higher elevation than the Willamette Valley, and in one case gaining 1,600 feet, making even a moderate hike more challenging. While we will offer many stops to take in the scenery and rest, your consideration will be greatly appreciated if you may not be able to perform the hike or multiple days of hiking in a row. Thank you!

*Hike locations are subject to change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

Crater Lake photo by Justin Bailie. Rough Rider falls by Chandra LeGue.

Many thanks to our coalition partners, Umpqua Watersheds, Environment Oregon, National Parks Conservation Association, and Crater Lake Institute.