How to Plan Your Oregon PCT Adventure - Webinar with Guidebook Author Eli Boschetto

How to Plan Your Oregon PCT Adventure

Hike It in Sections, or All at Once

You don’t have to be a professional hiker to tick off a big life goal: Walking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) across Oregon, from border to border. It’s not as tough as you think. All you need is the desire and the plan. That’s what you’ll learn in this June 20 webinar with Eli Boschetto, author of the new guidebook, Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail: Oregon.

Eli will break down the planning process for you to get started on this awesome goal. You’ll learn:

  • How to plan hiking the PCT during different times of summer
  • What to expect on Oregon’s various PCT sections
  • Advice on logistics, permits, food and gear for short, medium and longer trips
  • How to travel safely, and what to do in an emergency

About the presenter: 


Eli Boschetto spent four years hiking and meticulously researching the Pacific Crest Trail in Oregon in order to develop the most complete and comprehensive Oregon PCT resource available. Eli has been a professional trail writer and photographer for more than a decade, including serving as a Northwest correspondent for Backpacker, and as the editor and art director for Washington Trails. Eli lives in Portland, OR, and is currently at work on two new hiking guides for the Portland and Mount Hood regions. More at