Oregon Wild Wednesday (EUG): "What We Want From the Wild"

Join Oregon Wild and Great Old Broads for Wilderness at Claim 52’s Brewery’s warehouse space in west Eugene for a pint and some local food cart fare from "The Dumpling Group" for this special Oregon Humanities event. Free and open to all ages. Doors at 5:45pm, discussion begins at 6:30pm. (We recommend arriving before 6:30pm to get a seat and order food.)

Oregonians across the political spectrum place a high value on the diverse natural resources of our state, but we are divided about how these resources should be used and talked about. What do we want from nature? What do we understand nature to be, and how do we see ourselves fitting in?

This is the focus of the discussion “What We Want from the Wild,” led by Adam Davis of Oregon Humanities and hosted by two groups working to protect Oregon’s wild places – Oregon Wild and the Great Old Broads for Wilderness.

Davis is the executive director of Oregon Humanities. His previous roles include directing the Center for Civic Reflection, where he helped the Aldo Leopold Foundation develop their Land Ethic Leader training, and the United States Forest Service, where he led backcountry trail crews and occasionally fought wildland fire. He has taught courses and led workshops on the human relationship to nature.

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