Stand by Your Land!

From the Oregon Coast to the Wallowa Mountains, Mount Hood to Crater Lake, Oregon is defined by its public lands. They are the places we work and play, owned and cherished by all of us. They provide habitat for fish and wildlife, and clean water. Unfortunately, our public lands are under attack. It isn't just armed militants at a remote Wildlife Refuge, politicians and polluting industries are trying to cut you off from your public lands, or sell them to the highest bidder.

Come learn why our public lands are important at a public forum hosted by the Oregon Public Lands Alliance (OPLA). We'll also be talking about what is being done to protect these precious landscapes, and attendees will walk away with the tools and knowledge to tell special interests to keep their hands off our public lands!

Stand by Your Land! 
A Community Forum on Keeping Public Lands in Public Hands
Wednesday, July 19, 6:30 - 8:30 Keen Garage, 505 NW 13th Ave, Portland
Reception with beer and appetizers to follow RSVP to receive your ticket

Our program will feature details presentations from Oregon Wild, the Audubon Society of Portland, the Oregon Natural Desert Association, and Bark on the many values of public lands and the current proposals to take them away. Panelists will also discuss the successful campaign to keep the Elliott State Forest public and the role Oregon’s public lands play in fighting global climate change.

This event is part of a series of community forums taking place across the entire state this summer in order to build greater awareness of public lands, their many values, and their current political threats. RSVP to get your free ticket today!


Vista Ridge photo by Tom Kloster