Did the Eagle Creek fire renew the Columbia Gorge?

The Eagle Creek fire burned in a mosaic pattern, and thats a good thing for the Gorge.

To Oregonians who know and love the places like Angel’s Rest and Larch Mountain, the Eagle Creek fire felt like a punch in the gut.  But, as aerial photos of the Columbia Gorge are proving, this fire – like so many others across the state – was actually beneficial.

Nine Things Oregonians Should Know About Forest Fires

Forest fires can be a threat to homes and property, but they also play an important role in restoring and maintaining a healthy forest. Here are nine things every Oregonian should know about forest fires in our area.

New Website Highlights Stories of Oregon's Harmful Forest Laws

EUGENE, OR — Today, environmental groups Beyond Toxics and Oregon Wild launched a website highlighting the consequences of practices allowed under Oregon’s industrial logging laws on Oregon’s rural residents. The site features stories of families collected from more than ten different Oregon counties detailing family members, drinking water, property, and businesses impacted by aerial herbicide sprays and other harmful logging practices. 

Why hunters should oppose sale of Elliott State Forest

Elk and deer hunters are obsessive about our chosen pastime.  We invest countless hours in scouting and preparing for the fall hunt.  We travel hundreds of miles in search of elk, deer and other game animals. We spend thousands of dollars every year on equipment, optics, fuel and gadgets. Yet without access to high quality lands to hunt on, all this expense and preparation is wasted.

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