2017 Oregon Wild Outdoor Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to all the finalists of the 2017 Outdoor Photo Contest!

After thousands of online votes from the public, here are the winners and runners-up in each category:

  • 2017 Wildlands Winner
    The 2017 Wildlands winner: Trillium Lake by Joe Keller.
  • 2017 Wildlands 1st Runner-Up
    The 2017 Wildlands 1st runner-up: Nestucca Bay by Jerad Armijo.
  • 2017 Wildlands 2nd Runner-Up
    The 2017 Wildlands 2nd runner-up: Broken Top by Chris Liedle.
  • 2017 Wildlands 3rd Runner-Up
    The 2017 Wildlands 3rd runner-up: Deschutes National Forest by Cheryl Hill.
  • 2017 Wildlife Winner
    The 2017 Wildlife winner: Red Fox Hunting by Drew Watson.
  • 2017 Wildlife 1st Runner-Up
    The 2017 Wildlife 1st runner-up: Great Gray Owlet by Rhett Wilkins.
  • 2017 Wildlife 2nd Runner-Up
    The 2017 Wildlife 2nd runner-up: American Pika by Carol Thompson.
  • 2017 Waters Winner
    The 2017 Waters winner: Oneonta Falls by Caleb Jacobson.
  • 2017 Waters 1st Runner-Up
    The 2017 Waters 1st runner-up: Lost Lake by Daniel Gomez.
  • 2017 Waters 2nd Runner-Up
    The 2017 Waters 2nd runner-up: Opal Creek by Eric DeBord.