2018 Photo Contest Categories

Showcasing the wildlands, wildlife, and waters that make Oregon a special place.

The submission deadline for 2018 was September 7, 2018. Click here to vote for the finalists of this year's contest and help pick the winners.


Photos must be of federal public lands in Oregon. This includes National Forest and BLM lands (including designated Wilderness and National Scenic areas), National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges, National Grasslands, and National Monuments.  Images featuring recreation are acceptable and encouraged.  Photos from state and local public lands, or private lands, are not eligible.


Photos must be of native Oregon species in their natural habitat. This category includes fish.


Photos must be of pristine, undeveloped waterways in Oregon. This includes rivers, lakes, streams, waterfalls and wetlands. Images featuring recreation are acceptable and encouraged. 

Endangered Places

Riparian. Photos should be of the delicate and essential intersections between land and water - where land meets riverside and streamside. In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act, special consideration will be given to photos taken along two rivers proposed for State Scenic Waterway designation and protection: the Nehalem River and the South Umpqua River. Help us celebrate our rivers and waterways and inspire our elected officials to safeguard more by entering the Endangered Places category.

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Sahalie Falls by Greg Stokesbury

Sahalie Falls photo by Greg Stokesbury.