2020 Youth Art Contest Winners

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Up to 5

Coloring contest (download the page here)

Sawyer's "Big Poop Wolf" (Age 2)

Sawyer was very excited to use brown to draw, in his words, "big wolf poop!"  He also wanted the sun to be going to bed, and Mt. Hood to be pink!  So the wild is very vibrant (and a little stinky) in this 2 1/2 year old's creative opinion!


Draw one of Oregon's native species. 

Roz's "Coastal Marten" (Age 8)

A beautiful little Martin. I didn’t really draw woods background, but I drew artistic leaves and a flower background. I think he’s really cute. I think Martin’s are really cute so I think I did pretty good.


Oregon has some weird wildlife - giant salamanders, fish that cross the street, and jumping slugs - but what about wildlife that COULD be in Oregon? Create your own Oregon native wildlife and tell us what is special about it and why it loves Oregon.

Bennett's "The Tree Trout" (Age 9)

The tree trout loves Oregon because it is full of trees. It lays seed-filled pods which float up to the shore. The tree trout is highly endangered and you can only find them in the Willamette River.


What is your favorite place outdoors? Beach? Mountains? Rivers? Desert? Make a landscape featuring the plants and animals of your favorite landscape.

Marek's "Forest and Field" (Age 13)

Watercolor painting of a meadow through the forest with Mt. Hood in the background


Keeping nature in balance requires many relationships. For example, beavers create dams, making a home for trout. Otters eat sea urchins, allowing kelp to grow. Wolves help keep elk from overeating certain plants near riverbanks. Create a piece of art that illustrates a relationship that helps keep balance in nature.

Tate's "Fire Ecology" (Age 16)

Because I am a graphic design major at Benson Polytechnic High School, I am Interested In digital art. I chose this medium to illustrate the importance of fire in the environment. On the  left side of the drawing it shows a forest fire and on the right side it shows new growth that comes after.


What does 'wild' mean to you in this time of stress and uncertainty? Why is it important? Create a piece of art that embodies your answer.

Sequoia's "World of Nature" (Age 17)

Often at this time of year we head to the forests, coastlines, mountains, deserts and rivers to touch and be touched by nature. In these strange times, may the interconnectedness of nature allow us fortitude. May our memories of time in nature with loved ones get us through this. May we not resort to isolating, or connecting through technology. May we still return to nature, be it in the forests, or in our own backyards.