2018 Oregon Ballot Measure Voting Guide

The mid-term elections are just a month away and many across Oregon and the nation are already fired up to get out and vote. Along with the importance of the Congressional elections, Oregon has several important items on the ballot this year as well. Here are a few statewide ballot measures that Oregon Wild has weighed in on with critical implications for the future of our state.




Measure 103 - A risky, misleading, and uneccesary tax break that would benefit large, out of state corporations. Along with Measure 104, these Constitutional Amendments would make it even harder to fund wildlife recovery, parks, and clean air initiatives. Oregon Wild urges a no vote!


Measure 104 - Expands the use of the legislative supermajority requirement – creating more gridlock and making it harder to close tax loopholes. Oregon Wild urges a no vote!


Measure 105 - An anti-immigrant measure that repeals a 30-year-old law requiring local police agencies to not spend resources on immigration enforcement. The measure was drafted by Oregonians For Immigration Reform, an extreme organization with ties to white nationalism, that has used environmental fear-mongering to support their campaign. Oregon Wild urges a no vote!

If you aren't registered to vote, the deadline is fast approaching. You can register online here before midnight on October 16 and you can still get your ballot mailed to you.