Big Bad Wolf Bill Moves Forward

The bill to strip legal protection from Oregon wolves, HB 4040, passed the House this morning with a final tally of 33 yes, 23 no, 4 absent. While disappointing, the hard work of wildlife lovers like you convinced two thirds of Democratic Representatives to vote "NO" on this bad legislation.  Now we must turn our focus to the Senate. 

Right now, the most important next step advocates can take is to call and write their state Senator. Find yours here:

When you contact your state Senator, you can say: “Hi, my name is __________, I am Senator _____’s constituent, and I ask that the Senator vote no on HB 4040. It is bad for wolves and sets a dangerous precedent for ignoring science in endangered species conservation.” 

This bill could move quickly in the Senate. Speak for wolves by telling your Senator "NO" on HB 4040 today!  

PS:  After you contact your Senator, find out how your Representative voted today, and send a “thank you” or a message of disappointment.

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Wolf photos courtesy ODFW