Changes Coming to Oregon Wild

We’re excited to share some big changes coming to Oregon Wild.

Soon, our emails, advocacy actions, event sign ups, donation pages, and more are going to look different, but we want to assure you: It’s still us! We’re still here, working to protect the things that make Oregon special, and hopefully making it a little easier for you to do the same.

Behind the scenes, our staff, led by Membership Manager Jamie Dawson, has been working for months to move around 100,000 records from two different databases into a new system called EveryAction. It has been a big, time-consuming project, but it will be worth it. This new system will help Oregon Wild take our online advocacy to the next level, while also freeing up more time for our team to engage in their important work.

Taking action, sharing our materials on social media, signing up for events, and more – it’s all going to get better!

However, it’s going to take some time for us to get used to this new system, and to develop new graphics and layouts for our emails and pages . We’ll need your help identifying problems so we can fix them. If you notice pages not loading, broken links, or that you’re receiving duplicate emails, please let us know. Or if you or anyone you know are willing to donate some time doing CSS web programing, please get them in touch with us too!

We thank you for your patience during this transition! And thank you for being such an important part of our movement to keep Oregon wild.

For the wild,

The Oregon Wild Team

PS: Check out the Summer issue of Oregon Wild, our quarterly magazine. A print copy of this is delivered to all Oregon Wild members.

Contact to learn more about becoming an Oregon Wild member.

Photo Credits: 
Crater Lake by Justin Lee