Join us for a Wolf Plan Webinar!

I just returned from a trip to Klamath Falls, where I had the opportunity to testify for wolves at the Oregon Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) Commission hearing. This was the first chance for Oregonians to publicly weigh-in on Oregon’s Wolf Conservation and Management Plan since draft revisions were unveiled two weeks ago. 

For those who live in the Portland area, make your voices heard by sharing your concerns directly with wildlife officials. 

Oregon Wild Training: Testify for Wolves
Tuesday, May 16th
Portland, OR
Taborspace at 6:30 PM
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ODFW Commission Hearing
Friday, May 19th
Starts at 8 AM
Embassy Suites, Portland Airport
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Submit Public Comment
If you haven’t already, please submit a comment to the ODFW Commission, letting them know you want a wolf plan which focuses on conservation and prioritizes non-lethal methods over killing wolves. 

As ODFW continues to take public input, and we prepare for a key hearing in Portland May 19th, it’s important that all Oregonians who care about native wildlife know what’s at stake. In order to better inform you and answer any questions you may have, I’ll be hosting a webinar on May 2nd.
While in Klamath Falls, I received several questions from Oregon Wild members and supporters about the specifics of the wolf plan; in particular, what we like and dislike about it. At this webinar, I’ll go over concerns we have regarding ODFW’s plans to allow members of the public to hunt wolves, provisions in place which de-emphasize using non-lethal methods to reduce wolf-livestock conflict, and much more. 
Because the state removed Endangered Species Act protections in 2015 (when there were only around 80 known wolves), Oregon’s wolves are in a fragile spot.  Without a strong conservation and management plan leading the way, we could see their recovery continue to stall like it did in 2016.
This is a critical juncture for wolves because the finalized plan will determine how wolves are managed in the state for the next five years!