Kid Approved Activities for Quarantine

Kid Approved Activities for Quarantine

Hello everyone! My name is Jennifer and I am the mom of a wonderful 3.5 year old that loves to learn new things. We have found some fun ways to learn facts about Oregon, from, animals, trees, hiking trails and more. To help parents of little ones, I have found some new fun activities that you can do while we are all sticking close to home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I know my son loves to help me do things outdoors. If you have, space for a garden now is the perfect time of year to start one! You can start some seeds indoors, and others you can start outdoors. Over the past few days, my son and I have planted a variety of peas, strawberries, and cucumbers. He helped me pour the dirt, spread it out, plant the seeds and give them water. As we wait for the seeds to grow, I have been teaching him how our garden vegetables need water, sunlight and dirt to grow. Now he goes and checks on them every day to see if they have sprouted yet! 

I started researching some other activities that can be done in the house or in your neighborhood and saw a few educational things that are perfect to consider with Earth Day coming up.

Homemade hummingbird feeder

Build a hummingbird feeder. I found this one on Pinterest (my go-to for everything). It seems simple to make and if you want to have hummingbirds coming around (one of my favorites) then this is a great way to attract them! 

  • Grab an empty bottle (soda bottle or Gatorade bottles are perfect)
  • Grab a rope, string or a few rubber bands or something similar that you may have. 
  • Grab a small plastic container (with a lid) and cut a hole in the lid big enough to fit the spout of the bottle into the container.
  • Add hummingbird food (can be bought or made yourself)
  • Hang outside and wait to see hummingbirds! 

I am trying this one with my son this weekend and I am excited to do this and wait for the birds to come! Great way to teach kids how to attract birds and watch them eat. 

The second idea I found was garden yoga for kids! This is something that can get them outside, keep them active and think about the plants and animals around them!

Something I have seen popping up on my social media is making sidewalk art with chalk to practice art skills and brighten someone’s day. Go outside with some chalk and draw something or write something positive for someone to see as they walk by. Maybe practice drawing a wolf or sea otter. (Here's a tutorial!) 

Make a sensory bin with animals! Find play animals around the house that do not mind getting dirty. Make a bucket with sand/dirt, etc., add animals to them and bury them and have the kids find them and talk to them about such animals and their impact on the environment, find some fun facts about the animal. After you talk about them, have another bin with water and have the kids wash them before putting them away. I have done this with my son and he has loved it!

Make arts and crafts in the house if the weather outside is not permitting. Oregon Wild is currently hosting a Youth Art Contest with categories for kids up to 18. If you have playdoh, make some fun animals with the playdoh. You can also find easy ways to make homemade playdoh online

Thank you for reading and I hope you get a chance to go outside, abide by social distancing and have fun while also learning and teaching your kids about our wonderful natural world.