Meet Heather, our new Marketing and Graphic Intern!

Hi there! My name is Heather Lewis and I am the new Marketing and Graphic Design Intern at Oregon Wild’s Portland office. I am going to be a Senior at the University of Portland this fall, where I’ll be studying abroad in Rome and graduating with a B.A. in Communications.

I grew up in Morgan Hill, CA and have been fascinated by the environment and preserving it for as long as I can remember. This love mainly comes from growing up in California with a pretty adventurous family. Whether it was having beach days in Santa Cruz or going on family road trips to the Redwoods and Lake Tahoe, a lot of my best memories come from being surrounded by nature.

My drive to help the environment also stems from being taught in school about global warming. Recently, I discovered an essay that I wrote in the fifth grade, where “mini me” dreamt of someday being successful in film or writing so that I could have an audience large enough to spread the word about climate change. Looking back, there’s never been a time that I haven’t felt inclined to want to protect the environment and make a change.

In addition to being a nature lover, I’ve also always been drawn to event planning, so this Marketing and Graphic Design Internship truly is a perfect fit. I have experience with public relations work as well as graphic design and visual communication, which I’ll be calling on to help with planning the Call of the Wild event in October.

I am beyond grateful and excited about joining the Oregon Wild team! This summer, I’ll be learning a lot more about Oregon’s wildlife through hikes and events and I’m thrilled that I have a chance to share that knowledge with the Portland community.

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Photo provided by Heather Lewis