The Next Generation of Oregon Conservationists (and Oregon Wild staff?)

Oregon Wild's mission has long been to protect and restore Oregon's wildlands, wildlife, and waters as an enduring legacy for future generations. Recently, we had the absolute honor to connect with one of the most inspiring future leaders of the younger generation of Oregon conservationists, Penelope Allen. In a time when so many people are growing up being inundated by technology, Penelope is working to get people to get outside and explore this great state!

I am Penelope Allen, and I am an eighth grader in Portland, Oregon. I absolutely love hiking, camping, exploring and everything else about the Oregon outdoors. Every eighth grader at my school must complete a year long independent project on a topic of their choice, and it didn't take me long to decide I wanted to do something related to my love for the outdoors. I started keeping track of all the hikes I have done around Oregon, and made a website about how, and where to explore our amazing state. I have also been focusing on and experimenting with landscape photography, so I included that in my website as well.

One of the main focuses of my project, and website, is getting kids outside and excited about adventuring. I have taken a few of my friends hiking lately and I think they enjoyed it more than they expected. I want to get my generation excited about and loving the outdoors. One of the reasons for this is so we can continue to protect these great lands we love to explore, but also because I believe everyone should be able to experience and enjoy Oregon, because it truly is amazing. I have been designing stickers and T-shirts with PNW designs that I am going to be selling on my website to raise money for Oregon Wild as another part of my project. This aspect of my project is my attempt protect the great lands that I love so much.

To be even more inspired, check out Penelope's website at:

With incredible youth like Penelope leading the charge, we're confident that the next generation will carry the torch and keep protecting the most special wildlands, wildlife, and waters across Oregon!

Thank you Penelope for all your amazing work and for the extra dose of inspiration that you've provided for all of us here at Oregon Wild!