Oregon Wild Madness!

It's March and that means it's time for the fourth annual Oregon Wild Madness!

But before we tip off, you should know that not all "madness" is created equal.

For instance, earlier this year we all witnessed the kind of madness that fueled the armed takeover of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge and continues to call for privatizing public lands across Oregon and the West. That’s not the kind of unhinged craziness we’re talking about.

Three Sister Wilderness by Khristian Snyder

The Three Sisters Wilderness is out to an early lead. Will it hold on and make it to the "Wild Four" in this year's  Oregon Wild Madness?

Meanwhile, as a fun play on college basketball’s March Madness, Oregon Wild Madness is all about celebrating Oregon's amazing public lands - from the Three Sisters Wilderness and Crater Lake National Park to the Wild & Scenic McKenzie River and the Malheur Wildlife Refuge!

In March Madness, fans all across the country are rooting for Badgers, Wildcats, and (of course!) Ducks. But in Oregon Wild Madness, the special places that these critters (and many more!) call home are facing off to see which one becomes the champion of public lands. March Madness may have the Blue Devils, but Oregon Wild Madness features the Devil’s Staircase Wilderness Proposal! And instead of cheering from the sidelines, you're part of the action because you choose the winners!

No matter which special places get your vote, if you chip in $10 or more to support our work to protect Oregon's wildlands, wildlife, and waters, you could win a basketball autographed by the entire 2015-2016 Portland Trail Blazers team!

As Oregonians, valuing our public lands is part of our DNA - from Steens Mountain and the Ochocos to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge and Crater Lake. So please celebrate your favorites by voting in this year's Oregon Wild Madness (we even made a bracket you can download and print).



Inspired by college basketball's annual tournament, this is a fun way to shine the spotlight on 32 of Oregon's most amazing public lands! And just like March Madness, we've grouped this year's title hopefuls into four regions:

Devil's Staircase by Tim Giraudier
Will the remote Devil's Staircase pull off the upset and get your vote in this year's Oregon Wild Madness?

Wilderness - From the Eagle Cap to Opal Creek, these special places enjoy the highest level of permanent protections.

National Wildlife Refuges - Birds and fish statewide are huge fans of the special spots in this region, which provide critical habitat for countless native and migratory species. And don't forget the only national antelope refuges in the country!

Monuments and Recreation Areas - From volcanoes to the Oregon Dunes, this region boasts some of the best exploring in the state!

Proposed Wilderness - The locales featured in this region are truly among the most breathtaking in the all the land. From Crater Lake to the Owyhee Canyonlands, these places never cease to amaze. Unfortunately, each of them are facing a variety of threats and that's why Oregon Wild and partner groups are working overtime to get these places the permanent Wilderness protections they deserve.

So vote for your favorite spots, please consider chipping in to support our work to protect all the special places featured in this year’s Oregon Wild Madness, and (if you want a fun way to decide which of Oregon’s great wild places to explore this year), print out a bracket and see who makes your “Wild Four!”

Photo Credits: 
Three Sisters Wilderness photo by Khristian Snyder