Oregon Wild Ones Adopt a Wolf

Ione, the wolf adopted by the Oregon Wild Ones

By Keith Larson

Well holiday season has come and gone, but not without celebration.  To end ’15, the Oregon Wild Ones -- a community of activists organized around protecting Oregon’s native wildlife – gathered for festivities and cheer at one of our favorite, local brew pubs.  While many Christmas soiree would include a little gift giving, Stephanie Taylor had another idea.  As opposed to everyone throwing around a few ducketts for some meaningless white elephant gift, she thought better to be adopt a wolf from Wolf Haven International.

Located outside Tenino, WA, Wolf Haven “is a nationally recognized wolf sanctuary that has rescued and provided a lifetime home for 200 displaced, captive-born animals since 1982.” Wolf Haven offers a variety of educational programs, the opportunity to see wolves up close, and also advocates for wolves in the wild. 

With 29 wolves, we had to make a choice on which one.  After tallying up some votes, our decision was made.  We decided on a young female by the name of Ione.  Ione was named after a town in NE Washington where she hailed from. 

Ione’s story is a bit different than the others, as she is the only wolf at the sanctuary that has once lived wild.  She was born to the Smackout Pack in 2011.  In 2013, the Alpha Male fell victim to a vehicle, shortly after that the pack dispersed.  She traveled with a sister until ’14, when her sister’s life was cut short to the same fate as their fathers.  Alone now, and in search of companionship, she found herself visiting ranches around the town, though she wasn’t there for a meal.  She was repeatedly found sleeping outside of dogs kennels, or curled up in a barn.  

Washington's Department of Fish and Wildlife had two options of dealing with this particular situation: lethal removal, or relocating.  Neither seemed viable. She wasn’t guilty of anything wrong, but would sure find her way back if removed.  That’s when Wolf Haven stepped in and took the chance of bringing a wild wolf into their home.  

Our hats are tipped to our friends at the Wolf Haven for the superb work they do.  Thank you!   

Learn more about Wolf Haven at wolfhaven.org


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Ione photo courtesy Wolf Haven