Oregon Wild Works Statewide

No matter where this holiday season may take you, rest assured that Oregon Wild will be safeguarding the special places and wildlife that make Oregon the best place to be this season (and really, any season). You see, with new threats to our wildlands and wildlife popping up constantly, we've doubled down on our field staff to ensure that these harebrained ideas don't end up destroying our forests, watersheds, or wildlife populations.

For over 40 years, Oregon Wild has been working to protect the most special places and wildlife in Oregon. And we've done it all with the support of people like you, who value our public lands, native wildlife, and clean water. 

Here's just a snapshot of how Oregon Wild staffers are working to protect areas all across our beautiful state:

  • With over 35 years combined experience, Doug Heiken and Chandra LeGue have been monitoring proposed timber sales throughout the state, including in southern Oregon to combat reckless proposals that threaten the last of our old-growth forests. Chandra has also helped to make the Siuslaw National Forest the posterchild for collaborative restoration. 

  • Jason Gonzalez is organizing Oregonians in the Coast Range to protect our forests and watersheds from several threats including toxic, aerial pesticide spraying.

  • Bridget Callahan has been hosting community events in Roseburg, Bend, and Medford to help advance permanent Wilderness protections for over 500,000 acres in and around Oregon's only national park -- Crater Lake.

  • Based in Enterprise, Rob Klavins is working to be a strong voice for gray wolf recovery and forest restoration in the northeast corner of our state. 

  • Pam Hardy is working in collaborative groups in eastern Oregon's Malheur National Forest to promote conservation-based restoration in dry forests.

  • Stephanie Taylor has been working to recruit, train, and organize wildlife activists up and down the Willamette Valley (and beyond) to stand up for Oregon's native wildlife, like gray wolves.

  • Erik Fernandez has been working in Hood River to ensure that the last unprotected Wilderness-quality areas on Mount Hood will be there for future generations to enjoy.

  • Sarah Cuddy has spent the last year building support for permanent Wilderness protections in the Ochoco Mountains by conducting community events in Bend, Redmond, and Prineville.

Again, this is just a sampling of the projects we're working on to keep Oregon wild! And your support helps us continue the good fight. Please consider making a year-end donation to Oregon Wild

I am in constant awe of the talented and dedicated staff that I have the privilege to work with here at Oregon Wild. Thank you for all you do to keep Oregon wild.