Rogue Pack: The Next Generation

As we've been preparing for this second annual Crater Lake Wolf Rendezvous (learn more here), exciting news came out for wolves in the Crater Lake region. Last week we were introduced to Journey's third litter of Rogue Pack pups, and the newly dubbed Silver Lake wolves, in trail cam photos from the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Rogue Pack Pups!    OR7 AKA Journey

The other exciting news is that OR3 and OR28 have had at least one pup and are now dubbed the Silver Lake wolves. OR3 is an 8-year old male who, like Journey, dispersed from the Imnaha pack in eastern Oregon. This family has been dubbed the Silver Lake wolves. They are not currently considered an official “pack,” which requires evidence of at least four wolves traveling together in winter.

OR3 and pup! OR3 and pup... seconds later

There is still a lot of work to be done to assure continued wolf recovery in Oregon, and we will need your help to keep it on track. However, we are excited to share news like as evidence that your continued interest and support has made moments like this possible.

Want to learn more about Oregon’s wolves? Check out the new Pacific Wolf Family webpage to learn more about the history of wolves in the Pacific Northwest, and detailed information on all the packs in Oregon, Washington, and California!

So how do we get Oregon back on track for wolf recovery? That will be the topic of discussion at wolf forums in Eugene and Portland this month. Join us as we explore the successes and setbacks of wolf recovery with a panel of conservation experts, political insiders, and wildlife advocates. Congressmen Peter DeFazio will be kicking off the Eugene event on August 16th and Congressman Earl Blumenauer will be speaking at the Portland event August 24th. 

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Photo Credits: 
US Fish and Wildlife Service