The Truth About Wildfire Webcast

The Truth About Wildfires

Award-winning National Geographic videographer Trip Jennings gives a special multimedia presentation about fire. Take to the air, the ground and to the top of the mountain for a visual journey into the past and see how the amazing forests of the Gorge, Mt. Hood and throughout the West have burned and emerged gorgeous. This engaging multimedia presentation not only features wildfire, but what happens after the burn. Visit these forests in bloom, as they teem with fields of wildflowers, new homes for wildlife, and provide amazing vistas. Trip also shares how forward-thinking communities are using science to reduce the risk of wildfire, how technology can help protect people and property, and how many politicians are taking exactly the wrong lessons from a century of aggressive commercial logging and fire suppression.

Rob Klavins, Oregon Wild's Northeast Oregon Field Coordinator, gives a brief presentation on living next door to one of Oregon's most spectacular landscapes, and the increasing threats from politicians, bureaucrats, and other bad actors to carve up the largest, wildest places left in Oregon.

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