Webcast: Beyond Bears Ears

Beyond Bears Ears

Public lands advocates and conservationists rejoiced last month when the Biden administration announced the restoration of the Bears Ears National Monument. But what is Bears Ears, where did the proposal come from, and what is the significance of this landscape for the five tribes united for its protection? How does it fit into the long-term vision for protection of the spectacular cultural landscapes of Utah's 8.4 million-acre America's Red Rock Wilderness Act?

This event co-hosted by the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance with Oregonians for Wild Utah and Washington Friends of Wild Utah welcomes Jacqueline Keeler, author of "Edge of Morning: Native Voices Speak for the Bears Ears.” We hear about the Monument's tumultuous political history, challenges and opportunities for safeguarding this incredible and sacred place, and what the co-management of Bears Ears between the tribes and the federal government might mean for other public lands.

We also get quick updates from Utah friends groups and Oregon Wild on conservation campaigns in Oregon and Utah.


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