Webcast: The Tongass National Forest

Tongass National Forest: Our Most Powerful Natural Climate Solution - mama grizzly bear and 3 cubs in a river by a large downed tree

The Tongass National Forest is an incredible resource — it protects a multitude of fish and wildlife, supports the cultural heritage of Indigenous communities, and provides one of the most powerful carbon sinks in the world.

Older, mature forests have the greatest potential to sequester and store significant amounts of carbon, and to recover carbon that has been released to the atmosphere over the last 200 years. Alone, the Tongass contains 8 percent of the nation's total forest carbon stores!

Join Sally Schlichting, Environmental Policy Analyst with the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council, on a virtual tour of this incredible landscape. This presentation features the fish, wildlife, and human communities that depend on the Tongass - and an exploration of how preserving it and other mature and old-growth forests is key to combating climate change.

Photo Credits
Brown bear sow and cubs in Anan Creek. Forest Service photo by Mark Meyer.