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Oregon Wild and the Spring Creek Project are inviting a writer to spend a year exploring, researching, and telling the story of Oregon Coast Range forests!

In Memory of Jim Baker

Oregon Wild is saddened to learn of the recent passing of Jim Baker, a long-time advocate for the McKenzie River and old-growth forests state-wide.

Jim was a labor union organizer, a lineman for a telephone company, a rural resident, and a ferocious advocate for his beloved McKenzie River during the heyday of old-growth clearcutting in Oregon. He was among Oregon Wild’s earliest members, attending meetings and conferences as far back as 1974, and he went on to become our longest-serving board member before his retirement in 2012.   

Webcast: Snowshoe Central Oregon 2023

Oregon Wild's webcast on how and where to snowshoe in Central Oregon. Wilderness Program Manager Erik Fernandez presents suggestions regarding everything from safety to gear to picking the most scenic trails. This webcast also covers some "Snowshoeing 101" for those new to the activity as well as some tips on locations that would be applicable to all ability levels.

The Wonder of the Klamath Mountains

The Klamath Mountains that span northwest California and southwest Oregon are a place of endless wonder. Michael Kauffmann, an ecologist and author, talks about what makes this place so unique.

Protecting Old Growth Forests for Climate Justice

Our presenters from the Women's Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN) discussed how they are centering climate justice in their work to protect mature and old-growth forests.

Wildfires, Forests, and Community Safety

Wildfires can destroy homes and induce fear, however they are vital for our forest ecosystems. Fire recycles nutrients back into the soil, provides habitat for insects and animals, and has many tree species that rely on it like lodgepole pines and oaks.