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Webcast: Systemic Racism on Public Lands - The New Mavericks

A conversation with three trailblazers paving the way for representation, growth, and connection in the outdoors and outdoor industry.


We're back with Chad Brown of Soul River Inc for Part 3 of Systemic Racism on Public Lands - The New Mavericks.

Helping each other through wildfires

For families and communities all across Oregon, the fires this week have created a time of unprecedented stress and hardship.  The hot, dry weather combined with unusually high winds have created extreme fire danger all across the Pacific Northwest, and thousands of Oregonians have been forced to flee their homes.  Too many homes have already been lost.

August Wildlife Update: New and Improved

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Webcast: Oregon's Forests and the Fight Against Climate Change

Oregon's "State Forests" can play a major role in fighting climate change – both by sequestering large amounts of carbon, and by mitigating the impacts of climate change – if the state shifts the management of these public lands to respond to the climate crisis.