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Oregon finally passed a wildfire bill. But is it any good?

Oregon’s legislature has become increasingly dramatic in recent years. The last several sessions have featured high-profile walkouts by the Republican super-minority, which has stalled consideration of important business like climate change legislation and, in the early 2020 short session, preparation for the COVID-19 pandemic. The drama in Salem reached its climax with violent protestors breaching the State Capitol in December of 2020 at the apparent invitation of Rep. Mike Nearman, who opened the door for them.

Reflections on Pride and the Wild

June is Pride month, one of my favorite months of the year. But of my many memories, my most joyous year has to be the year my dad walked the Pride parade with me.

Webcast: Big Mile and Multi-day Paddleboarding on Wild & Scenic Rivers

Paddleboards, it turns out, aren't just for flatwater! For adventurous river-lovers, paddleboarding is another way to explore all the wonderful things our public waterways have to offer. Writer and athlete ambassador Krystal Marie Collins gives us the rundown on how to train and pack for ultra paddleboard missions and shares a few stories of her own. Collins has paddleboarded some of America's greatest Wild & Scenic Rivers, including a solo 70-mile section of the John Day River and 21 days in the Grand Canyon.

Webcast: Recreation on Public Lands: What to Expect in 2021 and Beyond

2020 was a record year for public lands recreation in Oregon, and this year is projected to see similar high use in National Forests, parks, and Wilderness areas. Meanwhile, popular trails are crumbling, there aren't enough campgrounds or restrooms to accommodate demand, and public lands agencies don't have the funding they need. Watch this presentation to learn how these issues are being addressed for quality recreation. 

June Wildlife Update: Speaking Up for the Marbled Murrelet

The Fish and Wildlife Commission will soon decide whether or not to uplist the marbled murrelet -- a rare nesting seabird -- from threatened to endangered. Please join us for an advocacy training on Monday, June 21st where you’ll craft and submit public comments in support of this imperiled species.

Standing up for the Ochoco Mountains, Again

Once again, conservation groups have been forced to take the Ochoco National Forest to court to protect sensitive fish and wildlife habitat. And once again we’ve prevailed.

A bold new vision for PNW forests

In the past few months, we’ve seen incredible momentum in the United States for our leaders to take bold, concrete action on climate change and environmental justice.

Meet Shannon, summer 2021 climate intern

Hello everyone! My name is Shannon, and I am so excited to be joining Oregon Wild as a Climate and Forest Policy Intern this summer! I'll be working to develop an alternate model for federal county payments that promotes more conservation of our federal forestlands and their wildlife. Born and raised in Western Oregon, I have a deep connection to and appreciation for the diverse ecosystems of this state. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to help guide the conversation on federal actions that could help protect them.

Webcast: Visions of Wild Utah

The wild landscapes of Utah are breathtaking, but offer much more than what meets the eye. Three adventurers from Oregonians for Wild Utah (OFWU) provided a virtual tour and explored how to advocate for public lands.