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Oregon's Orcas: The Southern Residents

Orcas, the largest member of the dolphin family, are instantly recognizable with their distinct monochrome ensemble. Best known for exceptional hunting, this has earned them the title ‘killer whale’. However, behind the nickname the mammals have a fascinating array of aptitudes and strategies – such as extreme intelligence, language, familial loyalty, and sheer athletic prowess – that make them apex predators of the ocean.

The Wanderer: An Alaska Wolf’s Final Journey

Informed by unparalleled access to a research project that studied wolves in Alaska’s Yukon–Charley Rivers National Preserve for more than two decades, award-winning author, photographer, and naturalist Tom Walker shares the story of Wolf 258, nicknamed “the Wanderer.” A GPS collar recorded the animal’s coordinates once a day as it moved through the wilderness, and to the amazement of all, the Wanderer traveled more than 2700 miles in less than six months.

Webcast: Salamanders and Streams - A Top Predator in the Headwaters

From pinky-finger sized to arm-length - salamanders thrive in Oregon's rainforests and waterways. On this webcast, we're joined by Oregon State University professor Tiffany Garcia, who tells the story of torrent salamanders, what makes them special, what habitats they need to thrive, and what conservation concerns there are for these amazing little creatures.

5 River Democracy Act Streams to Visit This Summer

It may not feel like it given the snowfall we experienced this Spring, but the calendar has turned to May and the promise of longer, sunnier days in Oregon lay ahead. For many of us, that means it’s time for the annual tradition of dusting off the camping equipment, rigging up the fly line, or breaking in a new pair of hiking boots.

Now's the time to protect mature and old-growth forests!

For its nearly 50 year history, Oregon Wild has been working to protect our public forest lands from the onslaught of logging and road building that devastated them for decades. We’ve worked to protect forests as Wilderness and through the Roadless Rule, and by fighting individual timber sale projects that would harm these vital ecosystems. And while Wilderness and Roadless Areas have safeguarded over 4 million acres of public forest lands, many of the additional mature and old-growth forests remain unprotected from the threat of logging.

World Water Day 2023

I don’t need to tell you how important water is; it sustains us, our communities, and it shapes the world around us.