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Celebrate Tall Firs!

I know many of you out there wish you had the NCAA basketball tournament to keep you company while you are stuck at home right now. As an Oregon Duck, if not quite a basketball fan, I’m a bit sad to not be able to celebrate what surely would have been amazing runs (and possible championships!) by both the Oregon men’s and women’s teams this year. Sabrina Ionescu

March Wildlife Update: Staying Connected

We know these are trying times, made more challenging by the deluge of COVID 19 news. Hopefully this month’s wolf pack newsletter serves as a welcome mental break! And if you really want to dive into something else, join us on Wednesday April 1st for a video presentation on the secret life of beavers! More details about how to sign up below.

Enjoying Oregon's wild when we need it most

I need nature to keep me feeling happy and healthy - both physically and emotionally. Even a short walk in my neighborhood or a nearby trail in a park will do the trick to put a smile on my face and help me feel grounded. And that’s when the world hasn’t turned upside down and inside out! I’m betting that many (all!?) Oregon Wild supporters feel similarly. 

Supporting Oregon Wild Business Partners

Oregon Wild Business Partners play a pivotal role in shaping our communities, epitomizing values that bring us all together, and bolstering our conservation efforts.

Coming Together: An International Women's Day Celebration

Earlier this week, Oregon Wild staff gathered with community leaders from all across Portland to celebrate International Women’s Day! Attendees heard from a variety of inspiring women (and girl) leaders who are fighting every day for environmental protection, economic and social justice, and equality for all. Speakers ranged from local Northeast Portland community leaders, to national and global justice advocates.

Super-Minority Report

Yesterday, Oregon’s legislative session ended abruptly, cut short because the state Republican super-minority walked out 11 days ago and never returned to vote on legislation or budgets. It appears that legislative walkouts are quickly becoming normalized in Oregon politics. This is particularly troubling for future conservation legislation, which the GOP super-minority and their donors have expressed increased hostility to in recent years. The future of the historic agreement between conservation groups and the logging industry is now an open question.

The forests of Northeast Oregon are calling...

This piece originally appeared in the Eugene Weekly on February 27, 2020.

Where in Oregon can you find peaks over 9,000 feet and a canyon more than a mile deep… within a few miles of each other? Where can you chase wildflowers in bloom 7 months of the year, see golden eagles soaring, hear the howl of wild wolves, and fish for salmon that traveled hundreds of miles? For lovers of all things wild and beautiful, Wallowa Country is calling your name!