ONRC Changes Name to Oregon Wild

Knowing that change isn't easy, in 2005 we carefully began looking over many options for changing our name. In the fall of 2006, we were proud to announce that our name was now officially Oregon Wild.

For over 30 years Oregon Natural Resource Council has been the independent voice at the forefront of protecting our state's spectacular natural heritage. But many of you felt that our mission was not reflected in our name, and many had difficulty remembering our name. (Now was that ORNC or ONRC?)

Indeed, there was frequent confusion regarding our name. Oregon Natural Resources Council was mistaken for a government agency or a state chapter of the Natural Resources Defense Council. So we set out to create a new name that was less confusing, easier to remember, and embodied our mission of protecting Oregon's wildlands, wildlife, and waters.

We sought a new name that was shorter, and would assist us in expanding volunteer and membership support for our vital conservation work. After working for over three decades to keep Oregon wild, the choice for a new name became clear!

Along with our new name, we rolled out a new, easier to navigate website (the one you're looking at right now).

One thing that hasn't changed is our mission, our passion, and our history of being the steadfast leaders in protecting the Oregon you love. With your continued support we will work to ensure that Oregon remains a special place to live, work, and raise a family.

Long live Oregon Wild!