For Immediate Release

Man Charged with Illegal Trapping and Wolf Killing

Arran Robertson  (503) 283-6343 x223
Communications Manager

JANUARY 31, 2018

The Oregon State Police announced today that a Union County man who trapped and killed a juvenile wolf in Oregon will face charges. Oregon Wild released the following statement:

Poaching is a serious problem in Oregon. For far too long, wolf poachers have been able to escape justice. We are grateful to Oregon State Police for finding and charging this poacher.  

Everyone who values native wildlife will be watching closely to see if justice is ultimately carried out. This poacher deserves more than a slap on the wrist. 

Everyone seems to agree that poaching is reprehensible. However, in some communities, there is an exception when the conversation turns to native carnivores. We see it on social media, hear it in bars, and read it on bumper stickers celebrating the poachers cowardly creed to “shoot, shovel, and shut up”. Native wildlife belong to all Oregonians. We all share a responsibility to openly denounce these cowardly acts and those who cultivate a culture of permissiveness when it comes to wolves.