Arran Robertson


phone: 503.283.6343 ext 223

Arran Robertson is excited to help provide a voice for the wildlands, wildlife, and waters that don’t routinely go about hiring their own PR firms, giving interviews, or posting to social media accounts.

Arran comes to Oregon Wild from the political world having worked six years for Congressman Earl Blumenauer. He wore many hats, the most prominent of which was as a communication staffer where he helped craft messaging around transportation, drug reform, and agriculture policy. Before that, he was a Program Leader for the Multnomah Education School District’s Outdoor School program where he taught children environmental science. Out of college he spent several years as a Tour Actor/Director with the Missoula Children’s Theater where he made a poor imitation of wildlife, singing and dancing in bear, wolf, and flytrap costumes.

An avid backpacker, Arran has been attacked by mosquitoes on hiking trails all across the US, most notably a swarm in the Desolation Wilderness of California that haunts his nightmares to this day. He enjoys spending time with his anti-social pet hedgehog Arya and attending stand-up comedy shows.