Chandra LeGue

e-mail: [email protected]
phone: 541.344.0675

Senior Conservation Advocate Chandra LeGue knows the importance of teamwork. Since November of 2003, Chandra has been collaborating with conservation groups, federal land managers, and local stakeholders to promote Oregon Wild's vision for Oregon's public forest lands.

Outreach and education are key facets of a job that includes participating in stewardship groups, leading hikes, giving presentations, and working to give the public a voice in policies that impact public lands. The Wild Rogue watershed, McKenzie watershed, and the Coast Range are just a few of the places Chandra is working hard to protect.

Working from Oregon Wild's Eugene office, Chandra is especially proud of her work to save Oregon's remaining old-growth forests. "These forests provide clean water and air, places for wildlife and fish, the scenic beauty that attracted me to the area, and my favorite places to hike and sit. We've destroyed enough of these amazing forests, and I'm very proud of our vision for restoring the forests we've already damaged." In fact, she's written a book for Oregon Wild on hiking Oregon's Ancient Forests!

In her personal life, Chandra enjoys gardening, cooking, playing with her cats, running, and exploring Oregon.