Jason Gonzales

e-mail: jg@oregonwild.org
phone: 541.344.0675

jason-gonzales_0.jpgForest and Watershed Campaign Organizer Jason Gonzales learned to love the outdoors as a child in the Sierra Nevada mountains, exploring the granite domes, freezing rivers, and giant pines on public lands around Yosemite National Park. Those mountains and rivers were always an important escape from the violent and polluted city and he was priveldged to have access to protected natural and wild places.These days, he lives at the interesction of great destruction and great beauty - The Oregon Coast Range - with his wife and two kids, where he spends much of his time hiking, kayaking and observing the range’s notorious patchwork of ownership and forestry rules.

Jason is passionate about helping others see the watershed as a complete and connected ecosystem that deserves protection. He is also passionate about equity in the outdoors and in environmental legislation - believing that everyone deserves great access to outdoor experiences and that some communities are hurt worse than others when water and air aren't protected from harm.