Aerial Spray Panel - Eugene

Join the Willamette Valley Broadband of Great Old Broads  (with some help from Oregon Wild!) - for their first Eugene Area Broadtalk!

Aerial spraying of herbicides affects healthy forest understory growth, animal life, human communities nearby and creates groundwater and waterway contamination through run-off. Spray drifts via wind currents so it affects other areas than just the trees it is targeted on. Cancer and endocrine disruption are two effects on humans and wildlife. Doors open at 2:30, panel starts at 3pm. 

Our first Eugene area Broadtalk will be focused on this topic. We have four knowledgeable panelists to educate us to different aspects of this issue and answer our questions as well as a short film. Our panelists include:

Ann Kneeland, an attorney working with Community Rights Lane County and the Freedom from Aerial Herbicides Alliance as they fight through the court system to get a citizen’s initiative banning aerial spraying on the ballot.
Jason Gonzales, Forest and Watershed Campaign Organizer for Oregon Wild who lives and works in the affected areas of the Oregon Coast Range - where he organizes with communities who are concerned about industrial logging's impacts on their drinking watersheds. 
Kevin Matthews, environmental activist and co-host with Roy Keene and Rob Handy of Conversations On The Forest.
Francis Eatherington, environmental activist, retired Conservation Director for Cascadia Wildlands and Great Old Broad who lives and works in an aerial spray affected area of Douglas County