Bend Wild Wednesday - 50 Miles For The Wild And Scenic Rivers Act's 50th Anniversary

Crow's Feet Commons and Oregon Wild have teamed up to educate, and share tales of epic backcountry adventures told by members of our local community. As central Oregonians, many of us share a love for exploring mountains, rivers, deserts and other wild places.  The Wild Wednesday’s series is about giving local adventurers a stage to tell their stories and inspire the rest of us to face our own challenges and embark on our own journeys to experience wilderness.

Later this year will mark the 50th anniversary of the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act, which has protected 59 sections of our incredible Oregon rivers for recreation, fish and wildlife, clean water, scenic beauty, and cultural significance.

We learn a lot from rivers if we take the time to listen. They have a language all their own - they speak of the seasons, the fish coming home, and the health of our natural community. Their voice is the heartbeat of our world, and the best way to remind ourselves of their daily effect and presence in our lives is to spend some time at their banks. 

On September 5th, local writer, Oregonian and outdoors woman Krystal Marie Collins (AKA K.M. Collins when featured in the Source Weekly) will read aloud her May article "50 Miles For The Wild And Scenic Rivers Act's 50th Anniversary" on her paddle boarding the John Day River. This presentation will be accompanied by select video and photographic footage. During the reading she will expand on topics from the original article such as access to public lands for underserved populations and challenging popular narratives in outdoor culture from the perspective a female and survivor of child abuse. 

Join us Wednesday September 5th, 7:00-8:30pm at Crow's Feet Commons to hear her story and enjoy the visual journey. This is a free event. 

Krystal Marie Collins is a local writer, Oregonian, and outdoors woman. She is a current contributor to many local publications and is employed as the Marketing Director of Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe. Krystal Collins has over 15 years of experience as a professional in the outdoor industry including resource management, hard science, marketing, content development and guiding and teaching recreationalists for universities and commercial companies.