Beargrass Flowering on Bunchgrass Ridge

Bunchgrass Ridge & Warner Burn Hike

This beautiful high elevation ridgeline trail looks into the historic Warner Creek burn area, following along the edge of the burn but staying in the shade of the treeline with views of bunchgrass meadows, Cascade peaks, burned mosaic forest, old growth, and wildflowers.

Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 5 miles
Elevation Gain: 200-300 feet
Leader: Jason Gonzales
Location: Willamette National Forest, Central Cascade foothills (carpools depart from Eugene)

The Bunchgrass Ridge Trail is part of the incomplete “Eugene to Crest Trail,” which will eventually connect the town of Eugene to the Crest of the Cascades. This section runs through several high-elevation meadows full of bunchgrasses, then heads along the ridge where the fire line was drawn to contain the Warner Creek Fire of 1991. We will stay in the cool shade of the treeline, looking into the burn area off one side of the ridge, with the tributaries of the Middle Fork of Willamette on the other.

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Photo by Larrie Easterly.