Crater Lake Wolf Rendezvous

Two years ago, we received the amazing news that Oregon's most famous wolf, OR-7, had found a mate, sired pups, and had taken up residence in the south Cascades as the alpha male of Western Oregon's first confirmed wolf pack since the 1940s - the Rogue pack (see the pups in the picture above from the US Fish and Wildlife Service)!

This was incredibly inspiring news for all of us at Oregon Wild. Not only was this new development proof that we were making great strides in our efforts to recover Oregon's wolf population, but the Rogue pack had taken up residence in Oregon Wild's flagship Crater Lake Wilderness proposal! 

Since 2010, we've led an annual Wolf Rendezvous in Northeast Oregon to allow our supporters an opportunity to immerse themselves in wolf country, learn about the issues facing wolf recovery in Oregon, and explore the landscape that this keystone species now inhabits. Now that OR-7's Rogue Pack has made history by taking up residence in the south Cascades, we're hosting the second annual Crater Lake Wolf Rendezvous!

Explore Crater Lake and Oregon's wolf country

  • WHAT: The Oregon Wild Crater Lake Wolf Rendezvous supported by Mountain Rose Herbs
  • WHEN: Thursday September 15 - Sunday September 18, 2016
  • WHERE: The wildlands around Crater Lake. Participants are responsible for transportation to the Crater Lake area, but we'll take care of transportation during the trip. Oregon Wild can also help facilitate carpools getting to/from the area.
  • HOW MUCH: This trip is only open to Oregon Wild members at the Monument Level. You may become a member and sign up for the trip concurrently.
  • SIGN UP: Sign up by calling Jonathan at 503.283.6343 x 224 Otherwise you can sign up to learn more about future trips
  • CONTACT: Inquiries can be e-mailed to, but all reservations must be made by phone. 503.283.6343 x 224.

Join Oregon Wild for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore new gray wolf habitat within our Crater Lake Wilderness Proposal while camping just outside of Oregon's only national park.

This four-day, three-night excursion takes participants into the heart of the Rogue Pack's range which coincides with Oregon Wild's flagship Wilderness campaign to permanently protect over 500,000 acres in and around Oregon's only national park. With barely 100 known wolves in the entire state, it’s very unlikely that we'll see them, but exciting opportunities await campers, such as workshops (in previous years we've done photography, tracking, edible wild foods, and ecology), meetings with biologists, ranchers, and other area residents learning to live with wolves.

We’ll also enjoy scenic hikes and drives to the headwaters of the iconic Rogue River and through Crater Lake National Park.

The focus of this trip is learning about wolves, Wilderness, and the efforts to stand up for each of them. Hikes will be of moderate strenuousness. We'll be at a high altitude and you may get a bit of a workout, but there will be no extreme climbing. If you're in good hiking shape, you'll be fine.

This trip is made possible with the generous support of Mountain Rose Herbs.

In previous years, trips have filled quickly and we expect that to continue. Read more about wolves and the Wolf Rendezvous and see a sample itinerary.