Forests, Carbon, and Climate Change Forum (EUG)

Half of Oregon is covered in forests, which absorb and store a tremendous amount of carbon from the atmosphere. This makes our state uniquely positioned to confront the problem of global climate change. Recent research shows that clear cutting our forests dumps massive amounts of carbon into the atmosphere, making Oregon’s timber industry a major contributor to climate change. Other scientific studies have illuminated the role that old-growth forests can play in mitigating climate change by absorbing and safely storing carbon for centuries.

Join us for a panel presentation and insightful discussion about how our state can confront global climate change by modernizing our logging laws and better protecting our public lands.

Jacob Lebel, plaintiff in the Our Children’s Trust climate litigation will offer introductory remarks, and panelists include Chandra LeGue (Oregon Wild), Dominick DellaSala (Geos Institute), and and John Talberth (Center for Sustainable Economy).


Presented by Oregon Wild and the following partners: 

  • Land Air Water 
  • Center for Sustainable Economy
  • Beyond Toxics 
  • Cascadia Wildlands 
  • Our Children's Trust
  • Many Rivers Group Sierra Club 
  • Great Old Broads for Wilderness, Willamette Valley Broadband
  • 350 Eugene
  • Geos Institute
  • NAACP, Eugene-Springfield Chapter
  • Lane County Citizen's Climate Lobby