Heart of Darkness - The Ochocos - Oregon Wild Ones Wednesday at Claim 52 Brewing!

Oregon Wild Ones Wednesday!

The Heart Of Darkness

Exploring and Defending The Ochoco Mountains of Oregon with guest speakers Sarah Cuddy and Arran Robertson.

A special combination event that brings together our Wild Wednesday and Wild One’s programs into one evening of exploration and advocacy. 

This event will feature:

Sarah Cuddy, Ochoco Mountains Coordinator - Oregon Wild:
The Ochocos, An evening of inspiring imagery, trail beta, and advocacy tools.

Sarah will share her story of backpacking the Heart of Darkness loop in the Ochoco National Forest. This rugged loop takes you through some of eastern Oregon’s most remote and scenic landscapes, where you are more likely to follow elk tracks instead of footprints and sleep under starry skies with coyote howls instead of crowded campgrounds. Sarah will also present on the efforts underway to protect this special place in Oregon and why it needs your help.  

Arran Robertson, Communications Manager - Oregon Wild: 
Communications for The Ochocos: Getting the right people to pay attention.

Advocacy writing means getting your message in front of the right people. It’s not just about educating the public, but making sure the people who have the power to make change are seeing what’s important to you.
Arran will talk about how to get the attention of and influence decision makers in the internet age through advocacy communications.

Thanks so much to our sponsors at Claim 52 Brewing and Mountain Rose Herbs, who support our work to make events like this happen!