Portland Rally Against Greenwashing Clearcuts!

On Tuesday March 20th, the logging industry (AKA King Clearcut), along with architects, builders, and elected officials from Portland, Oregon, and beyond, will gather at the Oregon Convention Center for the International Mass-Timber Conference. 

At this conference, King Clearcut will spend three days making the case that clearcut logging is good for forests and good for Oregon. We plan to be there with a different message - one of healthy forests, and clean cool streams - and you can join us! 

This year, much of the focus of this conference is on a "new" wood product called Cross Laminated Timber, or CLT, which is a technology that allows pieces of wood to be glued into large structural components suitable for high-rise buildings. From Mayor Wheeler to Governor Brown, many of Oregon's elected officials are promoting CLT as a “green” building material.

We'll be there to say: "Don't Greenwash Clearcut Logging!" 

Join us at the intersection of N.E. Irving and N.E. Martin Luther King Junior Blvd - from 5-7pm. Click here for a map!


Shake hands with The Lorax, help hand out forest fact sheets, and hold banners to display images of what clearcuts are doing to Oregon's forests! 


Join us again right across the street at The Spirit of 77 the following night for Oregon Wild's Responsible Forestry Forum - Where we will feature forestland owners who are taking the lead on truly sustainable forestry in Oregon, and celebrate those who are doing it right! 


Hope you can make it!