Portland Wild Ones Event: Advocacy 201

Please join us for the first Wild Ones training of the year: Advocacy 201. The goal of this meeting is to help everyone refine their advocacy skills as we prepare for two major opportunities in February: A future Fish and Wildlife Commission meeting on the proposed Wolf Plan and Oregon Wild's Wildlife Lobby Day in Salem on February 21st. 

The Wolf Plan, as proposed by Oregon wildlife officials, was so bad that all the participating conservation groups withdrew from the process. If the plan moves forward, the next decision point will be at a currently unscheduled Fish and Wildlife Commission meeting where the public will have an opportunity to comment and express dissatisfaction with the draft proposal. Wildlife Coordinator Danielle Moser will go over details of the plan itself, the process, and next steps for protecting Oregon's wolves.

In Salem, lawmakers will be diving into the budgets for state agencies, commission appointments, and poaching penalties. Wildlife advocates will need to make their voices heard and push for accountable state agencies (like the Department of Fish and Wildlife), conservation-minded commissioners who do not have financial conflicts of interest, and strong laws that protect wildlife from poachers.

Grassroots pressure creates political action, and it is only through your help that we can protect Oregon's wildlands, wildlife, and waters.

We hope to see you there, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email Danielle.