Protecting the Nehalem River Public Meeting

The Oregon State Parks Commission is holding a listening session to gather public feedback on the proposed State Scenic Waterway designation for the Nehalem River. Two days later the Commission will make recommendations to the Governor regarding whether or not to protect the river. 

There will be a presentation followed by public input. Please attend and be prepared to speak for 2-3 minutes on why you value the Nehalem River. Whether you value it for salmon and wildlife habitat, recreation opportunities, or as a clean water source please share that with the Commission. Please encouage the Commission to recommend the river receive strong protections from any activities that would degrade the river values you cherish. More information regarding the Nehalem River is available here

If public speaking isn't your favorite thing to do, don't worry, your testimony doesn't have to be eloquent or poetic. Simply stating that you want to see the Nehalem protected for future generations of people and wildlife is helpful. 

Photo credit: Elli Manoogian-O'Dell