Seafood Talk & Beer Dinner

Oregonians love the wild beauty of our 363 miles of coastline and our local food, but finding truly local fish can be hard, even on the coast. Knowledge of ethically grown meat and vegetables is on the rise, but seafood remains somewhat mysterious. 

Join Oregon Wild and Jennifer Burns Bright, an Oregon Humanities Conversation Project speaker, in a discussion on our complex relationship with American seafood, exploring ways to apply our food values to the products of the sea. This important talk will then transition into an amazing feast for Shuck Portland week, presented by our friends at Migration Brewing.

Get a ticket here and embark on an 8-course culinary journey through the world's oceans in the Migration Brewing Annex space. From plate to glass, Migration Chef Casey Gipson and Chef de Cuisine Drew Benyo will pair seafood dishes with their own brews. 

Some of the special beers to be featured at the dinner include: 

  • Hama Mamma Oyster Stout a collaboration beer with Trever Bass of Hopworks and Hama Hama Oysters
  • Canadian Tuxedo Pilsner collaboration Beer with Widmer's experimental brew team
  • Barrel-Aged Frankie Belgian Chocolate Stout


$70 tickets include an 8-course dinner with beer pairings.
A percentage of proceeds will go to The Wetlands Conservancy for native oyster restoration efforts.
Gratuity not included. 


A bit more on Oregon Wild and our waters work:
Since 1974, Oregon Wild has worked to protect and restore Oregon's wildlands, wildlilfe, and waters as an enduring legacy for future generations. This includes safeguarding our state's precious watersheds from dam building, reckless logging, mining, and runaway development - from the wild Rogue to the serene beauty of the Klamath Basin wetlands - as well as protection and recovery efforts for keystone species like the wolf and sea otter, necessary for greater ecosystem health.

On Oregon Humanities:
Oregon Humanities Conversation Project brings Oregonians together to talk—across differences, beliefs, and backgrounds—about important issues and ideas. More information about Oregon Humanities’ programs and publications, which include the Conversation Project, Think & Drink, Humanity in Perspective, Idea Lab, Public Program Grants, and Oregon Humanities magazine, can be found at

On our guest speaker:
Jennifer Burns Bright is a food and travel writer based in Port Orford, Oregon. She moved to the coast to write about seafood after many years teaching food studies and literature at the University of Oregon, where she researched desire in twentieth-century literature, led a faculty research group in the emerging discipline of food studies, and won a national pedagogy award for a team-taught, interdisciplinary class on bread. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of California at Irvine and a Master Food Preserver certification. As a community organizer linking local producers and consumers, Bright often speaks and teaches at events. When she's not out gathering seaweed or smoking black cod, she might be found judging culinary masterpieces or interviewing luminaries in the food world.