Systemic Racism in Outdoor and Urban Spaces. How Do We Move Forward?

Chad Brown and Axe

Can't make it? No need to register - we will post the full recording on our website the day after this event! 

“The reality of being black in America is being born with a target on you. Every time you step outside, you are a visible target. You can’t separate from this target, and it becomes you wherever you go.” - Chad Brown, US Navy Veteran and founder of Soul River

To have public lands where everyone is welcome, we also need a just and democratic society where our government, elected leaders, and everyday citizens respect the rights of all people. Unfortunately, the America we live in today falls far, far short of those ideals. We all have a moral obligation to speak out against racism, injustice and intolerance in our communities and in our families. And we must support the organizations working to build a more just and democratic country.  

For this reason and many others, Oregon Wild is honored to host a conversation between Chad Brown of Soul River, James Mills of The Joy Trip Project, and Sharon Ross of Afrovivalist, and Richard Thornton, outdoor advocate and activist with over a dozen years in the outdoor industry. Please join us for this frank and unscripted conversation on race, the outdoors, and more.