Watersheds In Crisis - Observations from Coos County

             Watersheds in Crisis
With Micha Gross & Dan Pennington, Myrtle Glenn Farm -  Coquille, Oregon

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In the rural southern Oregon Coast Range, Dan and Micha attempt to carve out an existence among industrial logging corporations.  

Their presentation is a series of high-quality video clips that relay the story of their personal experience running a sustainable farm and homestead on the Middle Creek watershed and how upstream industrial activity impacts the water, fish habitat, safety, and aesthetics of Middle Creek.  

They discuss the toxic herbicide use surrounding their farm and why regulations do nothing to guarantee their safety, the wild fluctuations in water quantity between summer and winter water flow, why that's the case, and what that means for salmon. They show what it looks like to have to rely on a drinking source that originates on private industrial timber land, and finally, they discuss how mature forests compare to monoculture tree farms.