Wild Wednesday on Wildflowers - Bend

Broken Top Bottle Shop and Oregon Wild have teamed up to educate, and share tales of epic backcountry adventures told by members of our local community. As central Oregonians, many of us share a love for exploring mountains, rivers, deserts and other wild places. 

The Wild Wednesday’s series is about giving local adventurers a stage to tell their stories and inspire the rest of us to face our own challenges and embark on our own journeys to experience wilderness.

On May 30th, local photographer and wildflower expert M.A. Wilson will share her knowledge of the best hikes and the best wildflowers to see here in central Oregon.  From the slopes of the Cascade mountains to high desert sage brush country, we’ll cover the best spring and summer hikes in central Oregon.

Join us Wednesday May 30th, 5:30-7:00pm at Broken Top Bottle Shop to hear her story and enjoy the visual journey. 

M.A. is a long time Bend resident who has extensive knowledge on hiking, wildflowers, and photography. She’s been photographing flowers for 30 years, learning lots of new tricks and tips along the way. M.A. moved to Bend from Seattle 26 years ago which opened up a new world of photographic possibilities! Her passions are wildflowers and hiking, and photography has allowed her to record those pursuits.  M.A. has a fabulous website that covers many local hikes, the best times, and the flowers one may see:  www.mawillson.com.

If you are an adventurer and want to share your story, please contact us and we will consider! For more information, please email sc@oregonwild.org