Oregon Wild Art Contest

Oregon Wild’s 2020 Youth Art Contest is a great opportunity for youth (who might be spending a lot more time at home than they usually would) to express their artistic side while learning about Oregon’s natural wonders.

"Oregon Wild Art Contest. Featuring Oregon's wildlands, wildlife, and waters"

  • Submit one piece of art to the contest for free!
  • Artist must reside in Oregon
  • Submissions must be posted through our form below by 11:59 pm on Thursday, April 30th
  • Children are welcome to try all drawing prompts, but can only submit drawings associated with their age category. (If your child attends life skills classes and you feel like these categories don’t work for your family, please contact us)

For the month of April, Oregon Wild is running an art contest for artists up to 18 years old! This is a great way to spend some time while social distancing, and with the possibility of winning some great prizes. Our efforts to keep our communities healthy and safe may mean we're not spending as much quality time in nature as we'd like to. What better substitute than creating art and sharing it with the world! Winners will also be featured at our annual Call of the Wild gala!

Entering is simple! 

  1. Find the prompt for your age category below.
  2. Make an awesome piece of art
  3. Take a photo or video of the art.
    The artist can be pictured with the art, or it can be an image of just the art.
    Photos must be at least 1 MB but no larger than 10 MBs.
  4. Fill out the form below.
    After submitting, you will be taken to an option to upload or email your art.
  5. [optional] post on social media and tag us @OregonWild using #ORWildArt

Winners will be notified on May 11th. See the sidebar for guidelines.

Age Group Prompt Prize
Up to 5 Coloring contest (download the page here) $50
6-8 Draw one of Oregon's native species. Check out our wildlife profiles for ideas. $50
9-11 Oregon has some weird wildlife - giant salamanders, fish that cross the street, and jumping slugs - but what about wildlife that COULD be in Oregon? Create your own Oregon native wildlife and tell us what is special about it and why it loves Oregon. $50
12-13 What is your favorite place outdoors? Beach? Mountains? Rivers? Desert? Make a landscape featuring the plants and animals of your favorite landscape. $100
14-16 Keeping nature in balance requires many relationships. For example, beavers create dams, making a home for trout. Otters eat sea urchins, allowing kelp to grow. Wolves help keep elk from overeating certain plants near riverbanks. Create a piece of art that illustrates a relationship that helps keep balance in nature. $150
17-18 What does 'wild' mean to you in this time of stress and uncertainty? Why is it important? Create a piece of art that embodies your answer. $150


By submitting to this contest I do hereby make the following statements, releases and assurances to Oregon Wild: I am the artist, guardian of the artist, or have consent from the artist to submit works. Oregon Wild, and others with Oregon Wild’s consent, have non-exclusive rights to use and publish the art piece(s) on its web site or in publications such as (but not limited to) brochures, newsletters, fact sheets, slideshows, and for other similar marketing, and promotional uses. Oregon Wild recognizes that the uploader or person working on behalf of the artist, own(s) the art. I agree that the submitted photos and text may be cropped, edited, electronically manipulated or otherwise altered. In each publication of the art, Oregon Wild will make all efforts to give credit to the artist. If the artist is under the age of 18, the credit will only include the artist’s first name. I will advise Oregon Wild of all copyrighted pieces I submit so that Oregon Wild can show the copyright symbol and credit for each such photograph published. I agree to save and hold harmless Oregon Wild from any dispute arising related to use or ownership of any art I submit. I further release Oregon Wild from any liability whatsoever that arises from the lawful use of the art I submit. Oregon Wild is not responsible for the health or safety of artists, their companions or property during the creation of this art. I agree to work in good faith with Oregon Wild to promptly resolve any problems or disputes that arise due to my submission of these