Oregon Wild Board Member Job Description

Founded in 1974, Oregon Wild is among the oldest and most respected conservation groups in the Pacific Northwest.  The organization is devoted to protecting and restoring the wildlands, wildlife, and waters that make Oregon such a special place.

Oregon Wild has a rich history of conservation victories that include the permanent protection of nearly two million acres of protected Wilderness areas, over 1800 miles of Wild and Scenic Rivers (including over 125,000 acres of new Wilderness around Mount Hood in 2009) and 95,000 acres of forest that safeguard clean drinking water.  We continue to be the leading organization in the Pacific Northwest advocating for an end to old-growth logging to store carbon and protect our climate for future generations. We protect gray wolves, salmon, and other imperiled species.  Our efforts have blocked destructive logging and development on hundreds of thousands of acres of forests and wetlands, safeguarding critical wildlife habitat, clean water and opportunities for Oregonians to use and enjoy these lands.

Today our major campaigns are Wilderness and forest protection, protection and restoration of native fish and wildlife, and the protection and restoration of Oregon’s rivers, lakes, and wetlands.  To promote our conservation campaigns, we carry out hikes and outdoor education trips, public events, and a highly-successful communications program.  Over the last several years our work has generated major stories in news outlets such as The New York Times, National Public Radio, and The Economist.

Oregon Wild board members play a vital role in setting and achieving overall policy and strategic goals for the organization, providing essential oversight, and assisting with fundraising and membership development.  Board members must strongly support our conservation mission, commit to a two year term and prioritize the organization among the top tier of their volunteer and charitable activity.

General Responsibilities

Active board members will devote between 2 – 10 hours per month to Oregon Wild board activities, divided among the following areas.

Resource Development:

  • Commit to support Oregon Wild as strongly as you do any other organization.
  • Work with the Executive Director and Development staff to identify resource development activities for you to participate in.  Some examples of different activities to participate in include:
    1. Direct solicitation of financial contributions;
    2. Host house parties;
    3. Help organize large fundraising events;
    4. Participate in meetings with foundation staff and major donors;
    5. Connect your circle of friends, family and business connections to Oregon Wild’s for charitable giving;
    6. Connect your circle of friends, family and business connections to Oregon Wild to help the organization capitalize on the experience/expertise which can help to improve the organization’s operations or fulfillment of its mission

Policy and Planning:

  • Actively participate in the organization’s strategic planning process, and annual reviews and updates of the plan.
  • Participate in organizational policy discussions through face to face meetings, conference calls, and emails.
  • Assist in implementing the strategic plan, including activities such as lobbying elected officials, leading hikes, and representing the organization at public events.

Public Outreach, Fundraising and Membership:

  • Host house parties, help organize events, and represent Oregon Wild at public gatherings and on hikes to promote membership and raise funds to support the organization’s work.
  • Work with Oregon Wild staff and other board members to set, and achieve, individual board member fundraising goals; is willing to be a major donor.
  • Assist with two donor campaigns (Nov-Dec and May-June) by contacting designated donors and supporters to secure charitable donations.

Board functions:

  • Regularly attend board meetings and conference calls; be well prepared for meetings by reviewing staff reports, agenda, past meeting minutes beforehand.
  • Actively participate in at least one board committee, stay informed about committee matters.
  • Volunteer for assignments related to board duties, as well as for the organization’s conservation programs.
  • Confidentially review existing, pending or threatened lawsuits.


  • Review and approve financial reports, audits, annual budget and other materials to ensure fiscal health of the organization and compliance with applicable policies and standards.
  • Review staff reports on the organization’s conservation program to ensure consistency with mission and strategic plan.


Most importantly, we are seeking Board applicants that are committed to the mission of Oregon Wild, and are willing to devote time and energy towards its achievement.

Other specific knowledge and skill sets, that would be helpful to have include but are not limited to:  Familiarity with conservation and environmental protection issues, fundraising, event organizing, marketing and branding, advertising, budgeting, human resources and financial management, organizational development, outreach and membership development, experience in political campaigns, knowledge of conservation biology, or experience in the outdoor recreation industry.  Prospective Board candidates are not expected to have all of the above listed skills.

Oregon Wild is always interested in bringing greater geographic, age, ethnic and overall diversity, as well as new areas of expertise to the board.

To Apply:  Please submit a resume and brief cover letter expressing why you would like to become an Oregon Wild board member, and the skills and experience you offer the organization.

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Oregon Wild
Attn: Board Candidate Search
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