2016 Board Of Forestry Riparian Rule Hearings Fact Sheets

What’s going on? The Oregon Board of Forestry has proposed new stream protection rules that modestly increase restrictions on logging near some streams on some of Oregon’s private forest land in Western Oregon.  The purpose of these rules is to prevent streams from warming up when streamside shade trees are logged -- as required by our water quality laws. 

Saving the Elliott State Forest

Fact sheet highlighting the elements of a framework for a pro-conservation solution to current problems facing the Elliott State Forest.

Crater Lake Wilderness Fact Sheet

Protecting an Oregon Icon
Oregon’s only National Park is threatened and needs Wilderness protection

Roadless Fact Sheet

Wildlife need wild places.
After years of conflict and uncertainty, it’s time to protect America’s most pristine backcountry.

Old Growth Fact Sheet

Protecting Mature and Old-Growth Forests
Maintaining the Legacy of the Pacific Northwest

Mining Fact Sheet

What's mined is yours
Protecting Oregon’s wildlands and waters by reforming the 1872 Mining Law


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