Stop the Attack on Wolves


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With the removal of state protections in 2015 and the threat of losing remaining federal Endangered Species Act protections quickly approaching, Oregon’s Wolf Conservation and Management Plan (Wolf Plan) is the critical backstop to ensuring our fragile population is protected. Nearly four years overdue, Oregon needs an updated Wolf Plan that incorporates best available science, ensures killing wolves is an option of last resort, and reflects public opinion and values.

The Wolf Plan review process began three years ago after the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife prematurely removed state endangered species protections for wolves. From the outset, ODFW struggled to draft a plan that reflected the public’s desire to appropriately balance the positive impacts of continued wolf recovery with mitigating the rare - but real - challenges to some livestock owners. The agency’s increasingly controversial and unscientific draft proposals were opposed by all stakeholder groups. About a year ago, Oregon Wild and other conservation stakeholders participated in a process initiated by Governor Kate Brown to revise this plan. Our goal was to revise and modernize the Wolf Plan into one that Oregonians and the state’s fragile wolf population deserve - a plan based in science, one that is reflective of Oregon's conservation values, and one that prioritizes using non-lethal measures as a way to reduce conflict. This approach would result in fewer dead livestock, fewer dead wolves, and less human conflict but, unfortunately, was rejected by ODFW.

Draft Wolf Plan

ODFW’s proposed draft Wolf Plan undermines protections for wolves. The latest revisions do little for conservation, and instead, simply make it easier to kill these animals.  The revisions would even allow hunting and trapping of Oregon's 137 known wolves! 
This draft Wolf Plan runs counter to science and the wishes of the overwhelming majority of Oregonians who oppose wolf hunting and trapping. A recent poll found over 70% of the public opposes wolf hunting!

One of the most egregious changes to this plan is an indefensible new standard for “chronic” depredation - lowering the threshold to 2 instances of conflict with livestock in a 9 month period to justify wolf killing. ODFW would then be able to offer kill permits to hunters and trappers.

Another revision that is certain to increase wolf conflict would change non-lethal measures to avoid additional livestock conflicts from a requirement before kill permits are issued to a mere suggestion.  This abandons a core principle of the existing plan that killing wolves should only be an option of absolute last resort.

What We Need

Oregonians (and wolves) deserve a better plan. The Fish and Wildlife Commission oversees ODFW's leadership, and the Commission itself answers to Governor Brown.  With ODFW leaders hell-bent on reducing conservation standards and making it easier to kill wolves, we need the Governor and Commission to stand up for Oregon values.  Contact them today, and urge them to reject these terrible changes to Oregon's wolf plan!