Judge says timber sale in Crater Lake’s back yard could harm wildlife, orders study

A U.S. District Court in Eugene has issued an order requiring the Umpqua National Forest to more comprehensively study environmental impacts of the proposed Loafer Timber Project timber sale. The Forest Service must complete the study and weigh its findings before proceeding with the timber sale, in an area about 60 miles east of Roseburg, Oregon.

Protect Mount Hood and Crater Lake

Travel Oregon’s enchanting “Seven Wonders” campaign is revving up once again, serving to not only showcase our state’s natural wonders to tourists around the world, but also to remind Oregonians of the treasures we have in our own backyard.

Crater Lake: Investing beyond the caldera

Crater Lake attracts millions of visitors from across the country who make the journey to gaze at its strikingly clear waters, marvel at Wizard Island, and be treated to spectacular views of the surrounding glacially capped volcanoes.

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